Chive Flowers With Fish Cakes

This recipe can barely be called a recipe – it’s two ingredients, chopped and quickly stir-fried together. But it’s tasty nonetheless and a frequent dish on the Jeng family dinner table.

These chive flowers came from the Asian grocery store — they’re not the cheapest of vegetables, but you also don’t need much for this dish:

And this is the fish cake (called cuttlefish tempura) that my mom swears by. Each package comes with six and they are great to keep in the freezer for easy stir fry with veggies for a quick side dish:


  • 1/2 pound chive flowers
  • 2 pieces fish cake (mom’s favorite brand here)


  1. Wash and cut chive flowers into one-inch long strips
  2. Slice fish cakes thinly. Pro tip: defrost the fish cakes only slightly to make it easier to slice.
  3. Sauté fish cakes on high heat with a little oil, then add chive flowers and cook for an additional 5 minutes

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