To Each His Own…Chopsticks

Chopstick etiquette is a hotly contested topic in the Jeng household. Amongst the five of us, there are no less than three different ways we hold our chopsticks. Here is my [biased] review of each of those methods:

“Feeble Fingers”

Both my dad (pictured here) and my sister subscribe to this method that is just pure craziness. You’ve got two fingers doing the job of one and, frankly, it just looks ridiculous This is how I imagine a T-Rex might hold chopsticks.


The “Wide Angle”

If chopsticks could do lunges, this is what would happen. If Jean Claude Van Damme in this video were a pair of chopsticks, he’d be this – the ‘Wide Angle’.My husband, Brett, is alone in his adoption of this absurd chopstick method. No matter what he’s eating, his chopsticks are reaching for something 10x bigger (and not in a metaphorical way).

The Open Jaw Approach

The Two Wongs Don’t Make a “RIGHT Way”

This is obviously the only correct way to hold chopsticks. I know this because mom holds her chopsticks this way and on this blog, as in life, mom is always right.

My Way

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