Introducing… Noms From Mom

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This blog is a love letter to my mother’s cooking, from the perspective of an American-born Taiwanese girl. Growing up as a first-generation American, I didn’t always appreciate my mom’s amazing culinary skills. Like any other American kid, I was more into hot dogs than hot and sour soup.

It wasn’t until I grew up and moved out that I started to cherish the meals my mom would make for us every night: mostly Chinese dishes but often with a twist – her twist – and never with a recipe. Until now.

With this blog, we hope to chronicle our adventures as two American-born-Chinese (ABC) sisters re-creating our favorite #nomsfrommom. We’ll catalog her recipes for the first time ever and we’ll hear from her as she provides color commentary for our cooking attempts. It’s part Julie & Julia, part Sh*t My Dad Says and part Jeng family scrapbook.

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