To Each His Own…Chopsticks

Chopstick etiquette is a hotly contested topic in the Jeng household. Amongst the five of us, there are no less than three different ways we hold our chopsticks. Here is my [biased] review of each of those methods:

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Terry’s Famous Beef Noodle Soup

My mom has long been known as the chef of the household (hence the name Noms From Mom). But when it comes to the Taiwanese classic dish, beef noodle soup (牛肉面), my dad reigns supreme in the Jeng family household. This recipe, now named after him, has taken him years to perfect. It’s not a quick dish (nor should it be), but as an expert beef noodle soup consumer, I can tell you it is worth the wait.

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Soba Noodle Salad

Mom has been away on vacation, so in her absence, I’ve been taking a page out of her book and experimenting with some dishes I’ve always wanted to reverse engineer. In this case, we’re tackling Soba Noodle Salad, a Japanese or Asian Fusion dish, depending on who you ask.

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Pork and Shrimp Pot Stickers

There was no other meal we enjoyed more in our childhood (and even now) than our mom’s pot stickers. Mom would make these en masse and we’d enjoy them for many a meal – often accompanied by corn soup.

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Pot Sticker Tofu

This is another of mom’s ‘whip it together’ classics, made from ingredients normally found in the fridge. I should say, normally found in her fridge which, in all fairness, is more well-stocked than most. It’s called Pot Sticker Tofu because you get that crispy edge from pan-frying like you do with a pot sticker dumpling. But unlike real pot stickers, this dish is veggie-friendly and super super quick and easy to make.

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